Why do restaurants get all the fun? Enjoying quality time with a loved one doesn’t have to mean leaving your home. Planning a special date night inside can be a fun change in routine and, dare we say it… Maybe more fun than going out?

We’ve broken down the perfect formula for a romantic date night right at home- sure to sweep that special someone right off their feet!

  1. Dress Up

Even if dinner is at your kitchen table, both of you should still get dolled up! That’s right, wear the button up and slacks, put on the dress and your favorite fancy shoes. Doing your hair and wearing the perfume or cologne will add to the excitement of the night… as well as separate it from the night before in your sweats. Fun perk of date night at home: if the heels start hurting, just pop on slippers!

2. Decorate to set the mood

A few simple touches can transform the home to feel like a truly romantic destination! Pull out the candles of all sizes, dim the lights, and put on some terrific tunes. Pick up flowers from the florist (or the grocery store), pop them in the vase, and set the table ahead of time with all the finishing touches: from table cards to table mats and the table runner. Don’t forget water AND wine glasses!

Need help creating that perfect playlist to set the mood? Look no further friend, we’ve got you covered with a foolproof one thought up by our team! Don’t worry, you can take the credit for it….

3. Make dinner together

Find a recipe ahead of time you both agree would take way too long to tackle on a typical weeknight. Print out the recipe, pull on the aprons, and get cooking together! Take your time while cooking, open a bottle of wine, crank up the tunes and enjoy each other’s company while your kitchen begins to smell aaaaamazing.

4. Let the professionals do a little of the heavy lifting

Don’t feel like you and your loved one have to do it ALL! We want the cooking component to be fun, not stressful… or have it take the whole evening. Whether it’s pre-made apps, bringing baguette from the local bakery, making brownies from a box, or picking up a pint from your favorite scoop shop, save time on the fun accompaniments.

5. End the night with games

Both choose a game they’ve been dying to play, and teach! Play a round of each, and everyone will be a winner. Big poker player? Now’s the time to teach your loved one all your know-how! Obsessed with cornhole in college? Play a couple of rounds in the backyard. Nothing beats a little friendly competition to end the evening… and how about loser does the dishes?