Thanksgiving Time Saving Tips

Don’t let the holidays get the best of you this year! With a few simple steps and a clear plan, you can feel stress free and ready to enjoy this special time of year with loved runs around a magnificent meal!

Taters and Gravy: make ahead and save time!
The mashed potatoes and gravy are crucial characters to your holiday spread, but little did you know they are just as good when made ahead of time…

Make the gravy and store it in the freezer and let you mashed potatoes hang in the fridge for a few days, then on the big day, thaw, heat, and TA-DA!

Set the table the night before
Dinner will roll around in no time, get ahead of the craziness by creating a lovely tablescape, floral centerpiece and name tags all before the big day. Also, that way the guests are greeted by the gorgeous set table no matter what time they arrive.

Make Assignments
Don’t be shy to get dinner guests involved, reach out to your holiday diners and ask for them to get involved by bringing their best dessert, favorite wine, or most creative soundtrack. Don’t forget to also assign some to dishes duty for after the big deal. It’s a team effort and it all shouldn’t land on the host’s shoulders!

Take an appetizer shortcut
You’ve got a lot to cover for the big dinner… leave the appetizer hour to the frozen section of the store- we promise no one will notice! It will save you from a headache or two and your guests will find it just as scrumptious. Pick out your favorite Savorly items, serve it along a simple charcuterie board, and add precut veggies and fruit from the store. The wine and cocktails will start to flow and you’ve got the beginning to a wonderful night.

Our mission is to make it easy to get together and enjoy time with friends and family by offering party perfect appetizers you can serve at a moments notice.